Micro Finance

The innovative Queue off technology enables us to offer end to end technical support and services to Micro Finance companies to give away micro finance facility to end-user customers. Our digital offline wallet that can be used in any feature phone in India in English and vernacular languages without internet is an exciting solution to reach out Indian masses.

For the institution it is an end to end Fintech solution and for the end Micro credit receiver it is a simple, user-friendly wallet that allows him to repay his EMIs without a collection executive and without visiting the MFC branch.

Whenever customers make repayments it is added to their card. Queue Off’s Direct Sales Associate can be assigned to collect payments, in case the customer wishes to pay through our authorised Agents.

  • Every day the microfinance Company will get the repayments automatically.
  • Technical integration can also be made with the Micro Finance company.
  • Supports in application processing and KYC completion.
  • Customers can utilize this fund for all types of payments like shopping, petrol pumps, mobile recharging, Hospital payments, school fee payments etc. They can withdraw the amount from ATMs also.
  • The chances for defaulting is almost zero as the program is running through micro-financing and mutual agreement.
  • Provides customized interface for updating disputes and solutions.